The Johannine Baptism

The Johannine Templars

Thoth Transmission through Maia, 1991

The Baptism of Johannine is the acceptance of the vitality of the Resurrected
Consciousness. It is the acknowledgement of receipt for those completed forms of thought which have separated from the World Event – resurrected from the death of their old patterns, and enlivened as separate entities of New World Manifestation. It is through the Resurrected Consciousness that the Genius of mankind is created as an expressing nature of the World Soul.

Thus, through this Baptism, the individual is taking upon them the mantle of the New Vine which has been grown in the soil of the ancient Earth and is to be harvested as a promise of a future cleansing from the “Sins of the World.” When the Johannine Baptism is accepted into the wellspring of the heart, that initiate is inviting passage of actual beings or entities of awareness – embryo souls, if…

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