The Sign of the Dove

The stone with the Dove is to be found at Minerve, in Southern France at the site of an ancient Cathafortress near the region Rennes Le Chateau. It was carved by Jean-Luc Severac in commemoration of the 140 Cathars who were buried alive there in 1210 as a result of persecution by the Church of Rome. Elizabeth Van Buren writes about the Cathars in her book, THE SIGN OF THE DOVE:

“These people called themselves the Pure. They said that they were waiting the return of the Paraclete, the reign of the Holy Spirit. They were known as Cathari or Albigensians and were respected by the local clergy and the nobility, although they were considered unrealistic in their ideals.”

According to THOTH, the Cathars, had an innermost Order that guardianed the wellspring of the Johannine doctrine originating for the most part, with St.John the Divine. The core of this teaching is to be found in the “BOOK OF LOVE”, an
ancient text written by St. John and kept, historians tell us, “in a leaden casket in the depths of a cavern”. To quote from THE SIGN OF THE DOVE, this sacred book

“… sublime teachings, marvelous revelations, the most secret words confided by our Lord Jesus Christ to the beloved disciple. Their power would be such that all hatred, all anger, all jealousy would vanish from the hearts of men. The Divine Love, like a new flood, would submerge all souls and never again would blood be shed on this earth.”

The Cathars believed that when Jesus was baptized, the Archangel Michael appeared as a dove, signaling the entry of the Christ into its Host, Jesus. From Van Buren’s THE SIGN OF THE DOVE:

“In the Ancient Mysteries the Dove was the symbol of the third person of the Creative Triad, the Trinity. It was taught that as the lower worlds were brought into being through the generative process, the Dove was to be associated with those goddesses who were identified with the procreative functions. We find, therefore, this pure white bird sacred to Venus, Astarte, and Isis. Not only is the Dove the emblem of the maternal instinct with its gentleness and compassion, but it is also a Messenger of the Divine Will, portraying the Power as well as the Wisdom of the Creator.”

The Dove, for Johannine Grove, embraces these principles, seeing the Dove as the Passage of Grace for the “Light Redemption” of the Earth into the 3rd Millenium
consciousness of the NEW EARTH STAR.

“In Arthurian legend the Dove flies like a sign from heaven across the hall of the Grail Castle, preceding the Grail Procession with its Hallows, flooding the scene with unearthly light, preparing the heart for revelations from another plane.” – Mary Caine, THE GLASTONBURY ZODIAC



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