The Johannine Templars: Whom Does the Grail Serve?

As you will have noticed on this site, the Priory of the White Stone is under a new mantle – the JOHANNINE TEMPLARS. Most of the priories within our former Order also left that platform. Several of these founded a NEW Templar Station, with Michael Henry Dunn at the helm. Yet in this version, while we have a respected personage in the lead, we are a far more inclusive Order. All the founders, myself and MHD included, are in a role of equality in Service.

There comes a defining moment in every Soul’s questing, where we are asked the inner question: WHOM DOES THE GRAIL SERVE? This defining moment arrived rather abruptly for the founders of the Johannine Templars. In unison, we did not hesitate in answering the inquiry.

Following the Path of the White Stone, one must recognize where true idolatry lies. It is not in the worshiping of a stone idol (a nonetheless mis-guided agency), but in placing any earthly gain above spiritual integrity and pursuit. We have chosen to stay the course of Way of the White Flaming Pillar – Krystos Illuminus. To this journey we, as Johannine Templars, offer our service and our souls.

~ Dame Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid



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